How Do I Get Synthetic Grass Installed ?

We offer Artificial Grass installation services. To get started, we recommend that you request a measure from us so that we may visit your project and perform a technical measure for synthetic grass and also show you samples. We are licensed by the California State Licensing Board to install Synthetic Grass in California. Once you know the size of your install area you can browse our store and get real numbers tailored to your project size and grass selection. Making your Turf Project safe and Easy!

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The amazing benefits of synthetic grass!

Synthetic grass requires very little maintenance and saves time and money. It does not need to be watered, mowed, fertilized or treated with pesticides.

Artificial turf is durable and long-lasting, making it perfect for landscaping, sports fields and playgrounds.

Synthetic grass conserves water as it does not need to be watered like natural grass. This is particularly beneficial in areas where water is scarce.

 Get your woof woof off the dirt. They will love you for improving their lifestyle. You will love, no more tracked dirt and dust in your home. Customers are reporting, no more fleas and ticks! Also, no more ugly brown spots in your beautiful lawn. 

Synthetic grass looks just like natural grass without the maintenance and upkeep. It adds to the overall beauty of any residential or commercial property.

Artificial turf does not require any harmful pesticides or fertilizers, making it an eco-friendly option for landscaping.

Beautiful Green landscaped yard for the baby to see, state of the art playground with padding for fall zones, mini athletic training zone to give your mini athlete the edge over the competition. A fun clean yard to play with friends.

Synthetic grass can be used for a variety of purposes including landscaping, sports fields, playgrounds and even indoor areas.

Synthetic grass can be recycled and reused, making it an eco-friendly option for landscaping.