The Art of The Install

There are 3 main Phases to our Synthetic Grass Installations.

Phase 1

We remove the ground if needed and back fill with a crushed aggregate.  Usually, we remove around 3 inches of ground.  This removes grass seed from the ground and of course the actual grass as well.  Bush and tree removal can cost a bit more.  As Licensed Synthetic Grass Contractors, it is important that we always consider water shed away from your structure even though it may not rain very often.  Drains and correctly graded ground must always be constructed to shed water away from your home’s foundation.

Phase 2

We use a combination of class 2 road base compacted into place usually 3 to 4 inches. This allows drainage and a smooth canvas to install your grass on.  When necessary, we may also top the compacted road base with Decomposed Granite to get it a bit smoother. However, this will cost a bit more as well. If we have open borders, we can add bender board edging for a clean finish or even concrete or brick.  Bender board is the most cost effect edging.  On occasion our customers request gopher wire.  Gopher wire will be installed during this phase as well.  While we are excavating and backfilling, we also adjust your irrigation.  We recommend capping all sprinklers at your valve station.  Unless you have vegetation outside the install area that will need automated irrigation.  in that case we cap the sprinklers and allow the station to feed water to the planters.

Phase 3

This is where the Magic happens.  If you have never seen a pro cutter cut grass into place, get ready to be blown away.  We use highly experienced Synthetic Grass Technicians and, industry specific tools to cut and seam your install into place.  The install will be stretched then tacked into place.  Literally, every nail on the edge is pulling it tight.  Your choice of infill is added.  We have standard infill and also pet infill.  We add a bit of zeolite under every install because, we believe all installs should have some pet protection. Alternatively, we also offer Synthetitc Grasses that require no infill unless you have a pet.  Finally, your grass is groomed with a special power broom to raise the grass fibers up and the infill falls into place against the backing causing the grass fibers to stand erect. There are many styles of installs and, this would be a basic install. Some custom installs may need more work. After a measure you should know exactly what you need.


Most of our installs are in the ground and so we use long nails or spikes spaced evenly around all edges of the install. each nail is carefully placed and angled to pull or stretch the grass. On hard surfaces we use spacers and adhesives.

Planters can really change the look of an install for very little extra cost. have us create a tree well for manual watering or reroute your sprinklers to any planter we create.  Planter should be lined with barrier and topped with a decorative stone or decorative tree bark.

The most common and cost effective edging is Bender Board. It can be bent into even curves and looks very good when done properly. however, more expensive options such as curbs, brick, paver and rock edging are also available. we do not recommend  an open edge.

The industry standard or basic infill is sand. We add a bit of zeolite under every install because it offers extra protection for your grass. Customers may also upgrade to more advanced infill solutions that are antibacterial however, cost a bit more. Infill helps grass fibers stand erect and also provides weight to prevent wrinkles and movement in high winds. We also offer grasses that do not require infill.

Steppingstones and pathways are highly recommended to help prevent wear on your grass in high traffic areas. Such as to your garage or shed or separate slab.  Synthetic grass can be added as strips in between your stones or slabs usually, around 4-to-6-inch gaps. We can also cut-in steppingstones as a pathway or decorative feature to your lawn.

If your install for some reason already has a 3-inch drop or more, it may cost less to install.

Contractors and Tradesmen who are familiar with our Install Specifications may perform entire Prep.  Then have us Cut the Grass In for them and complete their installation.

We mastered the "Art of the Install" so, you don't have to.

We Make High Quality Synthetic Grass Installations EASY!